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11:00- 12:30

Create your first blockchain application

Create your first consortium blockchain application in less than 90 minutes

WorkshopENGLISH CEU iLab- Nebula 42


Nearly Fully Booked


ROOM: Quantum Room, 1st floor


Supposing you consider using a blockchain platform in your startup or business idea, 

we will demonstrate how you can create a first prototype application in less than 90 minutes with the help of Hyperledger Fabric Composer.


Minimal programming experience is required. 

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14:00- 15:30

Work It!

How to get actual value from exhibiting at events?

WorkshopENGLISH CEU iLab- Savage


Nearly Fully Booked


Don't wait for the organizers to deliver you leads on a silver platter. Don't be THAT exhibitor. Learn from event organizer veterans how to generate leads and close deals like a pro.


The workshop is being held at CEU room N15 101




At Savage, we are revamping the established mode of B2B events, bringing insight, meaning and discussion to the forefront of the events industry. Savage is dedicated to creating events that attract the world’s leading marketers, entrepreneurs, disruptors, brands, and technology under one roof.

Jason Clowes

Jason Clowes

Customer Success Director

Saida Ayupova

Saida Ayupova


Grow with Google

Grow with Google

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