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Global Investment Trends: Family Office Perspectiv

Where Wealthy Families see Opportunities


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Global Investment Trends: A Family Office Perspective is a 20 minute talk with a 10 minute Q&A that examines how the world is changing and what opportunities are created due to these changes. It covers trends in Politics, Economics, Technology, and Generational Shifts. So come be prepared for the future today.


Felman Family Office


Felman Family Office (FFO) is a family office that manages roughly $400 million USD of its personal family wealth. The majority of the investments are direct deals either in companies (Private Equity, Venture) or real estate. The founding family has runs a family office advisory business, MSF Capital. MSF Capital works as strategic advisors for over 60 family offices around the world and is involved with over $4.5 billion USD in transactions every year. Similar to FFO most of these transaction are direct. MSF Capital and Felman Family Office work synergistically.

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