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10:00- 12:30

The REAL networking session


WorkshopENGLISH Hub55 Meetup 1- The Arc


Limited Capacity


No matter where we go, investors' clubs or startup meetups, everybody hates them: the "networking event". Where we all collectively cling on to our little glass of bubbles trying to speak to someone relevant. #awkward


This is an offense to everyone's intelligence! 


WHY? Smalltalk is both boring and inefficient. And a personal connection is still the biggest lubricant for any business relationship. 


In this workshop, we will cut the bullshit. Instead: We talk about our REAL challenges. And give/receive REAL (heartfelt) advice. 


Come along

- if you are up for having a conversation with startups, investors that go beyond the average "so-what-do-you-do" b*s*, and 

- if you are brave enough to NOT just show your facade. 


Bring along: 

- one challenge (business or personal - doesn't matter) that keeps you up at night.


It will be cool, intense, and probably unforgettable. And no worries: it's safe! 😉


The Arc


An International Master Mind coaching impact-driven people to build something that inspires themselves and others.

Astrid Schrader

Astrid Schrader

Personal Growth Strategist

MVM Group

MVM Group

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