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16:00- 16:30

Első terméked? Hogyan építsd fel? Bootstrapelj!

Hogyan építsd fel első terméked


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Megvan az ötlet, de nem tudod hogy kezdj neki? Elkezdted már és megismernéd, hogy tudod bootstrapelni a terméked? Végig vesszük az ötlettől a launchig mire lehet szükséged a terméked piacra dobásához, mit érdemes használni, hogy optimálisan tartsd az induló költségeket, tőkebevonás előtt. 




Felhasználóbarát konferencia app szolgáltatás.

Márk Kurcz

Márk Kurcz


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17:00- 18:30

Building and scaling your startup sustainably

Come, listen and experience the key points of starting up and growing in coherence!


Limited Capacity


Finding a problem is simple, making the best solution grow isn't. There are a lot of variables involved which no one told me about. But you have the luck to have in front of you an experienced startup founder, who will explain to you the key aspects, experiences and learnings the process gave to me. I consider there's two parts to take into account that have to be balanced, the tangibles and the intangibles. In a world of so much uncertainty, you may want to believe before being able to see.




Luna is a nightlife marketplace that unifies the experiences of the clubbers, events and promoters. Our architecture is devided with 4 different platforms.

The clubber app is a marketplace, where the users can check all the events in Barcelona (Miami, Madrid, Marbella and Ibiza coming soon), check who is going out, get to know people by chating and save money by buying drinks and tickets.

The business app is a platform for nightclubs/festivals where they can scan drinks, tickets and guest list assistants, validate and store the data. The data stored is written in a web dashboard for each nightclub. From there, they can access to detailed metrics and big data of their activity and clients and incentivize them.

Last but not least, there's the ambassadors dashboard where they can access and incentivize their clients.

Markus Törstedt

Markus Törstedt

Founder & CEO

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