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09:00- 10:30

The Blockchainsmokers

The Facts about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

ENGLISHpanelPodcast A38- FintechFlow Podcast


Limited Capacity


In the past years blockchain and cryptocurrencies became the most used buzzwords. Today we will look behind the hype.

We will talk about how cryptocurrencies were born and how they are continuously changing many aspects of the financial world such as ICO-s, or token-based business models.

While blockchain was deemed pure science fiction only a few years ago, today it is a scientific fact, rapidly increasing its impact on diverse industries such as finance, insurance, education, governance, supply chain, intellectual properties and many others. We will look into some use cases already in practice and see how they disrupt their industries.

The panel discussion is part of the FintechFlow podcast and will be streamed as a live podcast as well.

Host: Linda Sallai (FintechFlow)

On the panel real heavyweights from the field: Barnabás Debreczeni (Shinrai), Daniel Szegő (DLT architect), + 1 surprise guest


About FintechFlow Podcast:


Linda Sallai

Linda Sallai


Barnabás Debreczeni

Barnabás Debreczeni

Co-Founder, CEO of Shinrai

Dániel Szegő

Dániel Szegő

DLT Architect

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