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18:00- 19:30

How to sell to corporates...

... and well established businesses as a startup

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Nearly Fully Booked


Meet the Experts on B2B Sales. Ask the really important questions of how to sell to corporates and well established businesses as a startup.


Is P-M fit for the specific industry important?

Does a startup need to be specialized to sell at B2B?

How to prepare for long sales cycles of corporates?

Gatekeepers for startups, co-sell models.

Know more about the case study of UIPath.

UI Path is the shooting star of startups these days. The incredible rise of the company has many aspects, let’s discover some together to learn about the secret sauce.


  • Introduction of UIPath focused on sales channels
  • What to do and what not to do when selling in B2B
  • Experiences working with Venture Capital
    • Success AND Failure
  • Why are the VC investors interested in technology like UiPath?
  • How did the Microsoft co-sell program help UIPath

Stewart Oldroyd

Stewart Oldroyd

Head of Sales CEE

László Kiszely

László Kiszely

StartUp Mentor

MVM Group

MVM Group

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