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18:00- 19:30

VR Lab tour / VR Playground

Quick insight into the contemporary UX, followed by EPAM VR Lab tour



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Virtual reality is changing the way we define user experience, but if one principal remains it’s that experiences must be centered around people.”   The future might not be predictable, but we can at least guess what’s waiting for us. Tech innovations have revamped and revolutionized numerous sectors. It goes without saying that it will continue to do so for years to come. As of now, three crucial ideas and concepts seem to rule the design arena. User Experience, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality has emerged as the three pillars of innovative designing.


EPAM VR LAB (VR/AR/MR) had been set up a year ago. On the one hand it aims to build up a VR community and improve VR/AR/MR competency within EPAM. It is open for any epamer, who wants to plunge into these technologies. This evening the EPAM VR LAB will be opened up for our guests, don’t miss out!

Participants can experiment with some of our equipment:

- Microsoft HoloLens

- Oculus Rift

- Gear VR (with controller)


The presentation is followed by a Q&A session, where guests are welcome to ask questions about design, UX, UI and related topic from the experts of EPAM.



Pár dologban olyanok vagyunk, mint a „többi” tech cég,  egészen sokban azonban különbözünk. Menő projektek, többszáz kurzus és tréning, VR Lab, EPAM Garázs… Gyere el a programjainkra most, vagy ha inkognitóban szeretnél körülnézni, azt is megteheted: https://epa.ms/officetour.


Tanulj, fejlődj, válts! Mi segítünk!

Zoltan Radanyi

Zoltan Radanyi

Experience Design Director

Krisztian Horvath

Krisztian Horvath

UX/UI Designer

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