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14:00- 14:30

Let’s nearshore and beat the slow recruiting!

Letsnearshore.com brings Hungarian freelance developers and international projects together, on a cl


Limited Capacity


As is often the case with startups, Let’s Nearshore is based on the need of its own founders, who already had a successful business up and running, developing database software for companies. They were always on the lookout for good projects, reaching out to Western markets from Switzerland to the UK. They collaborated with recruiters in hope of finding additional professional resources. But the whole process seemed unreasonably slow and redundant…


Let’s Nearshore 


Hungarian startup Let’s Nearshore brings freelance developers and international projects together, on a cleaned and simple online platform, disrupting the old methods of finding IT talent, which involves recruiter companies, informal networks, and a whole lot of uncertainty.

Márton Klausz

Márton Klausz

BizDev Manager



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