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About Startup Safari budapest

Budapest is one of the most exciting startup cities in Europe!

Startup SAFARI gives you a look behind the scenes of this amazing startup ecosystem.

The city extracts itself as a magnificent city for founders and is known as one of the Startup Hotspots in Europe. 

To meet the most important startups of your ecosystem, set your own Startup SAFARI agenda and visit founders,  coworking spaces and accelerators in their own offices to create meaningful connections.

Meet students, startups, VC’s, coworking spaces and accelerators of your startup scene and create meaningful connections. Dive deep into the local startup scene and experience the startup lifestyle with Startup SAFARI.

About the Festival

In every April you can have a peek again into the offices of the most exciting startups and tech companies in Budapest!


Safary is not a boring ordinary conference, we turn the city into a gigantic two-days startup jamboree. 


Breakfasts, office tours, workshops, hackathlons, meetups, trainings and professional lectures will give a taste of the startup ecosystem.




You can look into the everyday life of the participating startups, chat with their team, have a firsthand experience about their work – and may end up going home with a new job offer!


You can pick from more than 300 events based on your taste. We created 13 thematic Journeys to make it easy to catch the most interesting speakers and visit the most relevant companies for you.


Even if you are not a techie, you will find something interesting for you. You can dive into the future of education with the Education Journey or learn about the novelties of marketing, product development, sales or the user experience design, which is still really new, but already on shortage. 


With the Lifestyel and Wellbeing Journey you can discover the connection between technology and gastronomy or think about lifestyle and whether it can be reshaped in a changing work culture.

Follow us for every information you need for the best experience:

Startup Safari Budapest 2019 What happened at the last Budapest Safari?

In 2019 more than 200 companies held 300 sessions on 12 thematical journeys
for 4000+ participants all over in the city!


Previous speakers, sessions, sponsors

The mood of the Budapes safaries from the past years!

The mood of the journeys from the past years!

People of Budapest Safari