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10:00- 10:30

The Myth About Intelligence

How a young, stupid student no one had faith in went to Cambridge

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Limited Capacity


When I was still in school, teachers told me that I am stupid or untalented. Their comments almost demotivated me so that I would not go to high school at all. Yet this is nothing that only happened to me.


People hear those sentences every day: "You're not intelligent", "you are just not made for this", "that person must be a genius. You could never achieve something like her/him". I deliberately chose not to accept this truth and focussed on turning my life around, eventually achieving a top 1% grade point average, founding three companies and coaching the Dagang Olympic Math Team in China for an international Math competition. I believe that no one should be discouraged in life. Ever. I believe that no one should listen to anyone telling him or her that he can't achieve his dream. As Einstein famously put it: "You can't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree". 

Daniel Dippold

Daniel Dippold

President Kairos Europe