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18:00- 20:30

Automated Driving Meetup 4.0

Level up: From research project to Level 4 series production

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The future is automated, everyone knows that. How to bring cutting edge research project into a robust and most importantly safe Level 4 autonomous vehicle is a question only a few people know the answer to. In our next meetup, 3 presenters will give you an insight into blockage detection of environmental sensors, construction of a „data lake” and testing & validation of AI-based algorithms all recent developments along the way to the top of „maturity ladder”.


1.How Do Self-Driving Cars Learn?

Pogácsás Sándor - Artificial Intelligence Engineer


How can we teach cars to drive safely?

What is the role of data and machine learning pipelines in this challenge?


In this talk, we will explore some of the tools and open datasets used by autonomous driving research teams.

Can self-driving cars have more experience than a professional human driver? Let us find out!


2. Not enough data…

Dr. Vizi Zsolt - Machine Learning Engineer


What shall we do, when we need special data, but gathering and processing them is too expensive? 

How can we multiply our measurement data?

This talk aims to introduce to data generation method for developing perception in self-driving cars. However, the following question  has to be clarified first: does a synthetically improved training data lead to a good result?

Zsolt Vizi, Ph.D.

Zsolt Vizi, Ph.D.

Machine Learning Engineer

Sándor Pogácsás

Sándor Pogácsás

Artificial Intelligence Engineer