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13:00- 15:30

Visit of the low-tech workshop Cyclonomia

Community Do It Yourself low-tech workshop


Limited Capacity


Cyclonomia was created in 2013 and has 500 members. It is a community Do it Yourself bikeshop where people can learn and teach how to repair their bikes. It is also a place where we question the limits of high-tech solutions and develop low-tech solutions, especially for transports. We are designing and constructing cargobikes and trailers... and also tools for sustainable agriculture, bike turmix or bike generator.


You are invited to visit our bikeshop and discover our developed tools. To do so, we will engage in a discussion about conviviality and the limits of high-tech toward the potentialities of low-tech philosophy.




Cargonomia is a non-profit cooperative with activities and projects inspired by Degrowth. Through Cargobike mobility services, it helps to connect local organic food producers and Budapest citizens. It also works to maintain an open space which hosts community events and workshops dealing with Degrowth, sustainability, social justice, low-tech and well-being.


The Cargonomia team conducts researches which are action-oriented in cooperation with several universities and is also involved in community education programmes.


Last year Cargonomia launched two new projects. The first aims to rethink the usage of public spaces through urban agroforestry and how to make the Budapest city space fertile again. The second, Közteher Bringa, or Community Cargobike Sharing System gives the possibility to borrow cargobikes, which were constructed in Budapest, for mobility purposes such as moving large items or delivering children to school.


These bikes will provide logistical solutions for the You & Startup 2019 gathering.

Also, we are happy to participate and bring our Degrowth philosophy in questioning the physical and cultural limits to growth.

Vincent Liegey

Vincent Liegey

Co-author, Coordinator