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10:00- 12:30

Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship

Leveraging design thinking as a tool to innovate.

WorkshopENGLISHHIGHLIGHTED HubHub Workshop Room 4- Kairos Europe


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I will guide you through the process of design thinking and explain the 6 different steps, including examples, in a nutshell.


Design Thinking has helped me and my companies to be more innovative and I used the discipline at several events to allow for 'explosive innovation' within a minimum of time. At the Kairos EU Summit, we held 13 Think Tanks, 10 of which yielded executable solutions with the potential to initiate massive change in Europe, 4 of them currently being brought to market. Design Thinking is the single most helpful tool known today to innovate when under pressure and reduce uncertainty massively. If you're interested in getting to know the tool and applying it soon, join my session. I recommend it for beginners only.


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Daniel Dippold

Daniel Dippold

President Kairos Europe