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18:30- 19:59

How to Lead Innovation

What corporate managers can learn from startup founders & Vice versa (case study)

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Andrea Szabados will present a case study about what startup founders and corporate managers have in common, how they can collaborate and what are the most valuable lessons they can learn from each other. The short presentation will be followed by roundtable discussion with participants in the study and outside of it.


Speaker: Andrea Szabados


‘Thinking with Leaders’, Andrea is an expert in personal and team development. She is an internationally credentialed leadership coach. Her clients include innovative tech companies from startup teams and SMEs to large corporations such as Magyar Telekom or Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Hungary. She has 20+ years of business experience.

Andrea believes that company/team culture and soft factors are critical to business results and innovation success. She supports her clients in developing themselves and their teams.

Andrea has studied the key competences of Startup Entrepreneurs for years: since 2016, she has interviewed over 50 Startup CEOs and CxOs and has created a Startup Founder benchmark profile using ProfileXT, a competence assessment tool. Her research covers the key factors of how to lead innovation in various business environments.


As the co-founder and curator of TEDxLibertyBridgeWomen she is committed to spread valuable ideas in the community. Andrea speaks six languages. She has two teenage sons. She is enthusiastic about how people and teams work.


Andrea Szabados

Andrea Szabados

Coach, Team Hacker