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10:00- 10:30

How NOT to communicate an IT sec incident

Consequences of recent PR scandals, mishaps and blunders of data breaches, other IT security inciden


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When you handle hundreds of thousands of user data, credentials or other PII, it is common sense and reasonably expected that you should keep them safe. However, given today’s cyber crime rate and the value of these data on the black market, being hacked is unfortunately also an everyday occurrence. So, as a CEO or leader of a company who has just leaked a vast number of highly sensitive data, what can you do? Well, what you can and have to do is communicate. Because the only thing that can possibly make this situation worse for your customers, stakeholders or investors is their not knowing what is going on. 


In our presentation we collect and analyse the worst communication scandals and mishaps of recent years related to IT security incidents and try and draw a conclusion regarding the Dos and DON'Ts of incident communication. 


White Hat IT Security


White Hat IT Security is a Hungarian IT security start-up founded in 2018 with a 300K EUR starting investment. Our core team consists of senior security experts of 5+ years of experience on the field. Our main focus is IT defence: blue team development and training, adversary simulation (red teaming), vulnerability research and incident response. We offer consulting services in all above-mentioned areas, and a unique enterprise defender training, the WHCD course.





Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd.

Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd.