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15:00- 16:00

How to Create a Marketing Funnel ...

... that Generates B2B Sales.

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Startup marketing success is often measured in making headlines at TechCrunch and The Next Web. You’re happy for the great coverage, but what next? Without customer onboarding and a good product, the buzz will not lead to real growth. To achieve success that translates to real business results, marketing has to work hand-in-hand with sales, customer support and product development. We believe that there are no growth hacking silver bullets: what worked one time might lead to a failure the next time and you’ll only learn from your own experience. Come and join our workshop where we will share what we at Tresorit learned from our own success and mistakes and provide some insights on how you can use your learnings to create a scalable funnel that generates sales, growth and success.

Kovács Balázs

Kovács Balázs

Product Marketing Manager

Gábor Farkas

Gábor Farkas

Head of Acquisition Marketing

Grow with Google

Grow with Google