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13:00- 13:30

Door to the startup ecosystems of millions

Finding innovation in the East is probably the best you can do


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It's 2019 and when it comes to innovation and startups, everybody is still talking about Berlin, London, the Silicon Valley and so on without taking a closer look at the Eastern part of the world. Did you know that Ukraine is the world's fourth in number of certified IT specialists? Or that Georgia is ranked 2. on World Bank "Starting a Business" ranking? Have you ever checked the facts how developed the Russian or the Turkish startup ecosystems? 


At the event, we go deep into the numbers, trends and facts of a 300 million region including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine. In 30 minutes, you get a unique insight into these startup ecosystems delivered by the CEO of EuroAsian Startup Awards, the organization that finds the best startups of 8 countries in 19 categories this year with full access to the local ecosystems.

Attila Sándor

Attila Sándor


MVM Group

MVM Group