Balázs Komár
Social Geekologist

Péter Kovács
Head of Labs

Zsófia Fekete
Project Lead

Ábel B. Pocsai
Project Sous-Chef

Adél Jóború
Office Eriqueen

Veronika Juhász
Sponsorship Enthusiast

Diána Andrási Fidó
Staff Sergeant

Aliz Zsarnóci
Social Media Guru

Miki Markovits
Graphic Magician


Attila Gáspár

Attila Nyitrai

Bernadett Zsanett Fülöp

Brigitta Réder

Dávid Tamás Bognár

Emanuéla Szoboszlai

Emese Kiss

Vera Szugyiczki

Vivien Szalóczy

Zhamilya Rakymzhanova

Zsófia Keszthelyi


Startup Safari is a Success 👉 Volunteering in Action 👉 while getting new Friends is Fun 👉

Getting Closer to the Startup Ecosystem is Amazing 👉 Earn lifelong experience through Responsibility 👉

Making a Festival for Thousands of People is Immortal





Startup SAFARI offers you to join our team and explore SAFARI from the inside out and visit all sessions you are interested in.

To make Startup Safari Budapest a success, we need volunteers to:

Welcome and check in attendees at sessions
Help organising and giving feedback on conferences
Support the logistics of the event
Provide attendees with information

You are interested in startups, want to work in a great team, get a look behind the scenes of Startup SAFARI and you spend your time meaningfully?

Fill in our form below NOW and apply as a volunteer according to your skills and wishes.